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Brand Strategy

Our brand strategy and naming service has been developed to define “brand character”, because we believe that brands with character encourage people to connect emotively with them.

We develop brand strategy for new products and businesses, as well as those looking to reposition or redefine their brand positioning and brand strategy.

No matter how big or small the business, a clear strategic vision is key to the commercial success of any brand, so before developing the brand visually through brand identity design, interior design and marketing communications, we work strategically with clients to help them define the brand vision, architecture and personality of the brand, including the tone-of-voice and hierarchy of messaging to the various internal and external audiences.

Through this strategic process, we establish a clear definition of the brand; its story, personality and positioning, based on a thorough understanding of the market - both competitors and customers and the emotive triggers that drive their decisions and purchases.



Rebranding falls into two categories: Reactive (following a merger or acquisition or some negative publicity or crisis) and Proactive – in order to make the brand more current or relevant; to attract a new audience or to move into a new business category or revenue stream.

When we work with already established brands, our unique brand defining and positioning approach means we have a better understanding of our clients' strategic thinking and can therefore deliver creative solutions that are aligned with them and with their audience.


Brand Naming

If you have an idea, but not a name, we can help! We might sometimes invent new words, such as Bubbleology, but our process always remains true to the brand strategy; defining what is at the core of the brand – its “DNA” – to determine its tonal values and to clarify the proposition in order to create a memorable brand vision that truly resonates with customers.

Over the years we’ve worked with some amazing clients on their brand strategy and naming, including responding to revised brand strategy from Pernod Ricard UK to help position them as the leading distributor of premium spirits and produce a range of possible new creative avenues for Malibu and Absolut Vodka; with Select Service Partners to drive a strategic re-positioning of Caffé Ritazza; over 14 years with Giraffe, founders on the evolution of the hugely popular restaurant brand;  with Bubbleology as a co-venture equity partners and brand guardians to create, define and develop the brand strategy from the initial store to a 60+ store international business.