Restaurant Design

Founded in 1998, Mystery is a specialist bar and restaurant design studio. We have helped conceive and/or develop a broad variety of successful F&B concepts in different food service markets and territories around the world.

Having co-ventured a portfolio of businesses, including the hugely successful Bubbleology (and even launched our own pop-up restaurant bar concept, Dub Jam, in London's Covent Garden), we have gained first hand operational experience, which means we really understand the importance of ROI (rather than simply paying lip-service to it).

Our aim is simple: to help define and create unique, engaging and scalable propositions that emotively connect with the customer.

Our restaurant design portfolio includes Giraffe, Za Za Bazaar, Butlin’s Firehouse, Jamboree (Accor), F Pigalle (Las Vegas), Moojo (Austin, Texas), Filthy Cow, Yorica!, Ponti’s Italian Kitchen, Caffe Italia, Muriel’s Kitchen, Kua’Aina (London and Belfast) and Bluegrass BBQ Smokehouse.

Mystery have been instrumental in the look and feel of the store. We have trusted them completely.  Occasionally we have considered going off spec, but we have gone back to the design and believed in their vision and it has paid off massively. The store looks amazing and people love it even though it is very different for the area. The Mystery team should be proud and our contractors have loved creating something so different and special.


Paul Gray, Chief Operations Officer, Kua ’Aina.

Restaurant Menu Design

We believe in the importance of navigation, clarity and brand tone of voice in a printed menu and understand that these elements play a significant role in the overall brand experience.

We work with highly experienced menu designers and food developers to ensure that menus are not only enticing and consistent with the brand, but also spot on in terms of tone, content and choice.

Recent menu design projects include Middletons Steakhouse, Prezzo and Daniels Kristallwelten restaurant at Swarovski Kristallwelten (Swarovski Crystal Worlds) in Wattens, Austria.

Bar Design

Often overlapping with restaurant design projects, we have also worked with many clients to conceive or develop unique bar concepts, including the award-winning Adventure Bar, Clapham Junction and Bubbleology.

We apply the same methods with bar design as with our restaurant design, ensuring that our bar designers fully understand the brand’s personality and target customer to create the best experience possible. This is combined with an in depth understanding of bar operations, gained working either as, or closely with mixologists, across the world.

Hospitality Design

In almost two decades of designing restaurants and bars we have developed an in-depth understanding of how to communicate with customers across various formats and operational models; from casual dining, fine dining and QSRs to ice cream parlours, cocktail bars and cafes.  Having worked for some of the biggest players in F&B, we have been exposed to genuine sector experience, which has provided us with valuable industry insights.

Our branding and design expertise, combined with our operational experience, means we can define your unique brand personality to produce innovative and successful solutions to drive sales for your business, creating a customer experience that becomes the benchmark for others.

To find out more about how we can help your restaurant, bar or hospitality business, contact us here.


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