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The Emissary Prosecco

On a mission to create an unforgettable, premium Prosecco

When Ed Smith realised there was a gap in the market to create the first truly memorable branded Prosecco for the UK market, he called upon Mystery to assist him in his mission.

The Background

Prosecco is a relatively new, yet huge and fast-growing market in the UK*, but without any noticeable or memorable brands. The UK market currently consumes 66 of 302 million bottles currently produced and this is set to rise to almost 100 million by 2020.

Ed Smith has a penchant for taste and a discerning eye for quality, but his frustration lay in the lack of quality Prosecco in the UK.  Without an existing brand that fitted the bill, Ed saw this as an opportunity to create a dominant brand at the premium end of the market; a brand that could confidently sit alongside Champagne and would be as highly regarded.

Having sourced the ultimate DOC Prosecco from the Treviso province of Veneto and already familiar with Mystery’s work (his brother is the co-founder of Savoursmiths crisps), Ed hired Mystery to help him bring his vision to life. The agency was briefed to define the brand strategy and naming and to create the new brand’s identity, labelling design, packaging and stand design.

The Challenge

Our challenge was to assist Ed in creating a Prosecco brand that would elevate people’s perception of prosecco in the UK, by creating truly exquisite, memorable branding and premium packaging.

The Execution

Brand Strategy and Naming

The new Prosecco brand is aspirational and distinctive for style-driven individuals looking for a quality Prosecco at premium, but affordable prices. Through identity, branding and packaging design, the aim is to create a Prosecco brand that can justly ‘own’ the market.

Following our own unique workshop and strategic branding process, we established the new brand of Prosecco to be a mix of Jung personality archetypes: The Visionary and the Explorer.

As a “VISIONARY EXPLORER” Ed Smith is on a journey fuelled by a vision: to find the single most fascinating Prosecco in the region and make it unforgettable, bottled with a memorable, magnetic design that will be forever etched onto people’s minds.

Originally known as Smiths Prosecco, we felt the brand needed a name that conveyed its story; the dedication and the passion of Ed’s personal mission. After a naming workshop we decided upon The Emissary - a person sent on a special mission – a name we believe truly conveys the brands sense of purpose and commitment. 

Brand identity and labelling

The new brand identity and “label” for the bottle needed to be classic, yet contemporary; bold and memorable; distinguished and sophisticated.

The Emissary is stylish, elegant and refined and the typography chosen reflects this. In terms of colourway, the black and gold conveys a sense of sophistication and authentic style, while the teal, which was presented to our client right at the start and was an instant hit, reflects both the story and the brand’s contemporary, premium and aspirational nature.

The design is super premium but contemporary – something intended to stand out against other Prosecco brands.

In particular it's meant to stand out on shelf behind a bar. Most importantly it's telling the story of this character The Emissary – the E being his crest he's marked all bottles with and brought back to Britain.

Stand design

In order to help Ed Smith on his way to launching The Emissary to the UK market, Mystery also created a stand for the brand’s trade debut at the London Wine Fair, Olympia.

"Mystery have been fantastic throughout the whole process of bringing this brand to life. I went to them with nothing more than an idea, and the team were brilliant in helping me to develop the concept for the brand, naming and finally designing the most beautiful label that will set the bottle apart from the competition. Thanks so much Mystery!” Ed Smith, founder, The Emissary Prosecco.


The show was a huge success with Ed receiving around 150 sales leads so far and looking set to launch in the UK with huge interest.

We are really excited about this project. The Emissary is truly memorable and unique; it looks and tastes fascinating, so much so that we are confident it will become the one truly unforgettable and instantly-recognisable brand of Prosecco that the discerning will choose for all occasions.  And what better pairing than The Emissary Prosecco and the classiest snack, Savoursmiths crisps!

*"Sales of Prosecco will surpass 412 million bottles by 2020, as the Italian sparkling takes over from discounted Champagne", according to Vinexpo CEO, Guillaume Deglise…Prosecco sales are forecast to hit 12.7m cases (152m bottles) in Italy by 2020, up 14%, the UK market is expected to grow by more than 17% to reach 8.3m cases (100m bottles) in the next five years, making it double to size of the third largest market for Prosecco, the US, which is predicted to consume almost 4.2m cases in 2020, up 19%.

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