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Tribal Pet Foods

The science of healthy pet nutrition

When Oxford science graduate and pet-lover Fatima Maktari decided to combine her two passions to create a range of complementary pet food products that were healthy as well as popular with her own dogs, Alpha and Una, she brought Mystery to heel to help create a brand that would take the product from an occasional gifting item to a supermarket-ready everyday purchase.

Mystery was inspired by Fatima's dedication to doing things differently in a conservative and uninspiring sector.  The teams worked together to create a brand identity that maximised shelf impact in a crowded category, creating a visual approach that both reinforced the scientific expertise that underpinned the product and also used different dog furs to create the sense of being part of the tribe – after all, most pet-owners see their furry friends as an extension of the family!

With innovations including a traffic light food labelling system for pets, the product made an instant impact – with column inches in major publications like the Daily Mail stimulating quick uptake from one of the country's leading pet shop chains.

Mystery also designed the new Tribal Pet Foods website, which retains all the fun character of the brand, while being fully responsive for mobile devices - an essential feature for any brand that wishes to sell their products online.

Since its initial launch, Mystery has also created the packaging design for Tribal’s new complete range of dry dog food, TLºC.  Made at much lower temperatures than their competitors’ products, 95% of all ingredients in Tribal Pet Foods’ dog food is processed below 95ºC, giving dogs an optimum balance of nutrition and goodness.

Watch this space for more of Tribal's quest to take pet-food to a new level....

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