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Smoothie Bowl Packaging Design

Created by Australian native Jessica Barac, a former athlete turned health and nutrition specialist, Revolicious is a new brand of 100% natural, plant-based smoothie bowls, designed to revolutionise the way we consume food on the go.

Born out of the desire to create a truly nutritious food brand that reflects the fresh and relaxed approach to life that is truly Australian, Revolicious champions plant-based eating in a way that is engaging, fun and outrageously delicious!

The brief

Having created a healthy alternative to the highly processed, refined, sugar-laden products on offer for breakfast, lunch and everything in between, Jessica asked Mystery to help bring her brand to life, by creating a vibrant and contemporary brand identity, packaging and collateral to best represent her innovative new healthy food brand and launch it to market

Brand positioning

REVOLICIOUS is a premium brand on a fearless mission to bring healthy and pleasurable sustenance to on the go types at a price that is worth the spend.  With a 21-40-year-old consumer group in mind, the products are designed for fast-paced lifestyle; for people who are short on time, but health conscious, open-minded and media savvy.

Revolicious aims to deliciously revolutionise eating on the go by creating vibrant, nutritious and engaging plant-based foods that empower people to make healthier food choices and puts a smile on their faces.

Brand vision and DNA

Revolicious is a brand that puts JOYFULLY CLEAN at its core; its mission is to give customers the chance to enjoy delicious, clean and healthy on the go food and have fun while doing so.

JOYFULLY CLEAN is delivered as a consistent message throughout the brand language, online presence and customer interaction.

The execution

With a very female, lifestyle oriented target audience, with a high usage of social media, particularly Instagram and Pinterest, our designs for Revolicious were created with Instagram and Pinterest in mind, with designs suitable and attractive for pinning, posting and sharing.

The identity and packaging is simple, clean, elegant and beautiful, in bright, contemporary colours and with a very premium look and feel.

The vivid background pattern conveys the joyfulness of the brand and draws the eye to achieve great standout on shelf, while the logo remains simple and sophisticated for clarity and legibility.

In order to distinguish this brand-new brand from other non-plant-based snack foods in the fridge section, the 'plant-based perfection' tagline was designed to be particularly prominent.

The results

Revolicious has received very positive feedback from retailers and customers and is sold via distributor, Wholefoods. The brand is already going well in Planet Organic and several independent retailers in and around London, including eat17, simply fresh, natural healthy foods and social pantry. Jess is looking forward to lots more exciting news and growth for 2018.

“I couldn’t be happier with the work Mystery did to help me turn my vision for Revolicious into a reality. They did a fantastic job on my branding and I love the way the products stand out on-shelf. I am constantly getting compliments on how great it looks! Thank you!” Jessica Barac, founder of Revolicious

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