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GATO & Co.

Tasty packaging design for indulgent puddings

GATO & Co's founder, Charlotte Dauzat, approached Mystery, having seen and loved our work with Rebel Kitchen, G’Nosh and Livia’s Kitchen. She had already developed a range of ‘free-from’ puddings that were luxurious, tasty, creative and indulgent and packed with natural goodness, but needed help to take it to launch.

As a former Brand Manager, Charlotte already had a very clear strategy, personality and vision for her product and an early version of her brand identity that she didn’t feel quite hit the mark for her target market - female professionals looking for an indulgent, elegant and fun treat after a meal or as a snack.

GATO & Co products were ready to roll off the production line, but with a truly remarkable brand identity and packaging needed before they could launch. 

“I needed something that would not only be ready for the shelf, but that would truly stand out, like ‘a purple cow in a field of standard cows’!” said Charlotte.

Mystery had the challenge of a two-week turnaround, but of course we rose to the occasion!

Brand Identity

Charlotte briefed Mystery to design a contemporary and engaging brand identity for her delicious dessert brand. With some design elements already in mind, she and the team worked together to update the existing logo idea to be more appealing to her female, professional target audience.

The halo above the ‘O’ of GATO is a rectangular take on a traditional oval halo, reflecting the brand’s healthy qualities, yet conveying a little bit of rebellious edginess.

Packaging design

Characterful, rebellious, humorous and grown up, GATO & Co flies in the face of the traditional assumption that gooey desserts have to be packed with calories and ‘unhealthiness’!

It was important for the brand to appeal to an adult audience and not to come across as a children’s dessert brand, so the packaging - colourful, bold and contemporary and informative - balances out the brand’s inspiring and upbeat icons with a dollop of humorous language and grown up references.

The packaging designs had to work well stacked up in the fridge and still stand out from the dessert crowd, so colour, shape and hierarchy of messaging were key. The indulgently gooey drizzle artwork that sits on the top of the packaging sleeve conveys an indulgent craving; like the batter of a cake before going into the oven, it beckons you to have a cheeky taste!

The rich and strong colour palette reflects the brightly coloured, unusual ingredients and taste, while conveying the intensity of dessert indulgence.

Our main challenge, aside from timing, was the hierarchy of messaging, simply because there are just so many selling points to GATO & Co! The proof is in the pudding, as they say, and we think the results of this brilliantly creative collaboration between creator and agency are a truly tantalising triumph!

“It was such a fantastic experience working with Mystery. We agreed on a very tight timeframe to come up with a new logo, branding and packaging and I was blown away by their responsiveness, creativity and professionalism. Within a terribly tight deadline, we managed to make it work and pulled together to produce what is now the face of our puds! Not only is the result stunning, but we have also built a great long-term relationship. We know we will continue working with them and are happily recommending them to any other firm in need of a branding agency. Way to go Mystery!”  Charlotte Dauzat

In addition to the brand identity and packaging, Mystery also designed business cards, promotional flyers and banners for GATO & Co’s launch to trade at the Speciality Foods Fair.

GATO & Co can now be found in Selfridges & Co and 105 Sainsbury's stores nationwide. They will be in Ocado soon.

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