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Mae Deli by Deliciously Ella

Helping to bring Matt & Ella's deli dream to life

Blog star and best-selling author, @DeliciouslyElla, aka Ella Woodward and her then fiancé, now husband, Matthew Mills approached Mystery to help them realise their dream to further develop Ella’s cult healthy food brand, by opening their own deli café in central London.

Even brands with a very clear vision of what they want to communicate still need a creative partner to bring that vision to life and while the entrepreneurial pair had a good idea of what they wanted, they needed help to structure their thoughts and further develop the strategy for this new page in Ella’s amazing healthy food story.

Mystery was also tasked with developing the identity, signage and packaging for the deli's in-house food and beverage products, specifically its freshly pressed juices.

Brand Naming

While several naming brainstorm sessions were held, Ella and Matt’s idea for the abbreviation of their own names ended up being the front-runner for everyone.  The Matt And Ella Deli represents their own passion and involvement in the business.  Ella’s DeliciouslyElla blog and brand has been so successful due to her ongoing personal contact with her readers, with whom she has created a real community and The Mae Deli really brings home the intimate, community-centric nature of the brand.

Brand Identity

Following consultation with Ella and Matt, extensive brainstorming and workshop sessions, Mystery designed the visuals for the first identity.

The rationale behind The Mae Deli “sunburst” is it uses a friendly and wholesome type treatment, with the burst detail adding a positive brightness and uplifting element to the brand communication.

The Mae Deli sunburst encapsulates and conveys goodness, health and natural, wholesome produce, while being a flexible image that can evolve as the business does.

Mystery created two logo lock ups, the colour palette, brand pattern, stickers for food bags, labelling and a range of stamps for quick and easy to use branding use across packaging, business cards, loyalty cards and coffee cups.

The Mae Deli opened with massive enthusiasm by fans and media alike and to great reviews. Mystery will continue to work with Ella and Matt on the development of The Mae Deli and we’re hugely proud to have been a key part of their healthy food journey so far.

When starting our company, we knew what we wanted our brand to feel like, but were unsure about how to convey it. Mystery brought it all to life, worked endlessly to deliver an incredible brand package and gave us ideas we never would have thought of. We were thrilled with the service.

Matthew Mills, co-owner, The Mae Deli




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