Za Za Bazaar is a passport to the world of food and an exciting mid-market approach to buffet dining. It opened in 2011 as the largest restaurant in the UK, its first site in Bristol being a whopping 1000-cover restaurant and bar over 33,000 square feet.  The second site in Newcastle’s The Gate, is its little sister at 17,000 Square feet across two floors.

Inspired by the vibrant night markets of Asia, Mystery created the name, concept, branding and interior of this breathtaking, fixed-price, ‘world food banquet and bar’ that gives customers a sensory experience to discover a wide choice of food from all over the world.

When you walk into Za Za Bazaar, you enter a new, bustling, animated global food market, full of sounds, smells, neon signs and sizzling stalls cooking up faraway foods to inspire you to try new dishes and styles. 

Meticulously devised to encapsulate the spirit of adventure, Za Za Bazaar transports customers to the lively atmosphere of the night markets with bold and vibrant interior graphics that are a melting pot of traditional, cultural imagery from all over the world, executed in a contemporary style of street art and set against a backdrop of colourful bustling stalls, manned by white-hatted chefs. Bare bulbs and collections of lanterns add to the cacophony of light sources. 

On an operational level, the serving and eating surfaces are high-spec, clean and modern, contrasting with graffiti-covered walls. The seating areas include a row of dining booths, inspired by open-door garages; a raised timber deck party area; a low-covered area under a large bulkhead lit by a ceiling full of fairy lights and a sprinkling of banquet seating units inspired by bus stops.

Za Za Bazaar is still going strong with its world banquet and bar delivering a huge variety of great food in a fun and family-friendly environment.