Founded in 1916 by Claude Lyons in London’s jewellery heartland, Hatton Garden, Vertex quickly grew to become one of the most successful watch companies in Great Britain, being selected as one of the ‘Dirty Dozen’ – 12 watch brands that would supply the army with a new watch built to an exacting bespoke design. 

Having known Mystery’s founder, Dan Einzig for many years, Vertex brand owner, Don Cochrane enlisted us to help him bring the brand back to life through a subtle brand evolution and new website design.

Faced with pressure from the emergence of the new quartz watch revolution and the expiration of Vertex’s lease in Hatton Garden, the company was closed in 1972. One hundred years after Vertex was founded, Cochrane, the grandson of Claude Lyons, fascinated by the watches since childhood, revived the Company to offer a limited number of the classic, military-inspired Vertex designs. 

The new identity design reflects the brand’s key qualities: simple, elegant and dependable. There’s no over-indulgence, no fancy showiness, no bells ‘n’ whistles. Just elegance, efficiency and a classic heritage, expressed through modest, clean lines. 

The same feel and attributes are conveyed via the website: an unpretentious, yet premium, easy to navigate site with exclusive user login for account holders. The site simply conveys the brand’s unique story and heritage through selective imagery and well-chosen words.  

In short it has timeless appeal, if a watch can indeed be timeless!  

The Vertex watch company and all it stands for – the proudly-held reputation, the uncompromising quality, the rugged elegance – are all present and correct in the new M100 and reflected through the new website and identity.

We’re really proud to have played our part in this important brand’s timely revival. 

“For such a personal project I really wanted to work with a team I trusted on a personal level. Not just to deliver a solid website, but to be sensitive to a narrative earned from over 100 years in the British watch trade. ”

Don Cochrane, owner, Vertex Watches