Plantifull creates a plant-based, health-conscious, yet inclusive ready-brand that aims to change people’s perceptions of vegan food, providing a range of convenient plant-based meal options that demonstrate that ready-made vegan food doesn’t have to compromise on taste or looks. 

Mystery was asked to help with brand positioning, identity and packaging design to launch this new forward-thinking brand onto the market.  

With a lot of time lost to travelling to and from work, young professional couple, Becca and Adam Courtenay had less time to prepare healthy nutritious meals, so decided to push their health-conscious efforts further by following a plant-based diet. They were disappointed by the lack of choices available for time-poor people. 

A seed was sewn to create what they needed and change the perception of veganism by inventing the go-to everyday plant-based product that caters for people who seek a healthier lifestyle, whether vegan or not. 

We identified The Plantifull Food company as the Creator Architype, a brand that is ground-breaking, innovative and passionate, yet relatable and down to earth and can resonate with a health-conscious and time-poor consumer, offering delicious plant-based meals at sensible prices. 

Plantifull’s DNA is all about facilitating change, and this is the consistent message delivered throughout the brand language, online presence and customer interaction.

The new identity for Plantifull reflects the tonal values of the brand – honest, joyful, friendly and accessible. The logo has been predominantly hand-drawn with added distressed textures and an additional rugged typeface to convey a very crafted and earthy aesthetic and reflect the natural credentials of the product. 

We created a set of sleeves for the Plantifull tubs that are striking, easily recognisable and playful, with emphasis on the colour of the additional flavours for each individual product.  The look and feel is entertaining, yet informative, ensuring the consumer can be quickly and easily educated on the health benefits of eating Plantifull products. The sleeve layout works across all products, including (to date) the three products – Creamy Mac, Risotto and Chilli.

“The branding has been such a hit – you guys have been amazing.”

Rebecca Courtenay, The Plantifull Food Company.

Less than a year since initial talks, The Plantifull Food Company was in Planet Organic, Eat17 and Sainsburys.