Entrepreneurial Personal Trainer, Bradley Churchill had an idea to create a premium nutrition supplement brand that would appeal to a lifestyle-oriented, quality driven audience – aimed at both image conscious professionals and performance minded athletes.

In an industry increasingly fuelled by distrust and dishonesty, Bradley realised that his clients were not able to access the same high-quality nutrition as athletes and that there was a gap in the market for an advanced lifestyle performance brand for the nutritional supplement market.

His brand idea, Supreme Nutrition® would create premium quality, highly tested nutritional supplements for the aspirational individual, at an accessible price that would appeal to young millennials, gym-goers and an Instagram generation. 

Bradley called upon Mystery to help him develop a clear brand strategy and to design the identity, packaging and marketing collateral for Supreme Nutrition. 

Through an intense and focused brand positioning process designed to find the core personality of a brand, we identified Supreme Nutrition as a Ruler personality. The Ruler is driven by a desire for power; naturally dominant and authoritative and perceived to be a leader in its field. As such, the branding and graphics needed to be solid, polished, confident and premium.

Our identity is designed around the helix, representing individuality through DNA, infinite potential, energy and visually reflective of an athletics track or the shapes made by athletes’ skipping ropes! 

The typography is pure black and white – clean, simple, premium and contemporary.   

Our packaging design is designed to look superior. The large, premium quality bright white tubs with a silver lid have the helix design as the sole graphic for maximum focus and minimum distraction to the core offer.  The colour of the helix distinguishes the flavour of each supplement, while minimal writing allows each product to be easily identified usage requirements: Diet, Pre-Workout, Creatine, BCCA, Nutrition and Recovery.    

With footballer Alex Oxlade Chamberlain as official ambassador, and a powerful and strategic social media strategy and presence, Supreme Nutrition® has dominated its field since launch and looks set to power on well into the future.