Fast-rising chef, Tom Sellers, famed for his exceptional British cuisine hired our creative director, Adele Harrington to help realise his first venture, Restaurant Story.  

Tom had a very strong narrative from the start that chronicled his own story with food and wanted to translate this to the interior design of the restaurant’s site, that had its own, deeply rooted history in the local area of Bermondsey, London.

To bring his concept to life, Adele drew on both Tom’s British credentials and on the abundant history in the area to create a strong, yet simple restaurant interior and brand identity.  

Every element of the scheme was designed to tell its own story, such as the bespoke glass bar vessels that reference the glassblowers of Bermondsey.  

Opening to critical acclaim, Tom earned his first Michelin star within months and has retained it ever since.


A few years after the launch of Story, Tom was ready to evolve his restaurant to chronicle his own journey. 

Tom’s own story led Adele to develop the concept of ‘Rough Luxe’ where a contrast of materials between the rough and the smooth felt entirely appropriate for the chef, and allowed a more luxurious feel than the original scheme. 

The overriding colour scheme is undeniably traditional and masculine, accented with more contemporary, feminine colours and patterns. Beautiful leaded glass screens and varied marbles add layers and depth to the space, with luxurious elements sitting alongside rough, textured timbers and aged copper; brass-edged marble tables floating above an industrial polished concrete floor.

The stones that clad the bar are always a talking point, retained from the original excavation of the site, they serve to communicate the building’s own individual story.

The food and service are such a high standard that we needed some stand out moments in the interior to complete the dining experience. 

Artist Michelle McKinney produced an incredible ceiling sculpture featuring over 400 metal swallows take flight from the kitchen and act as a metaphor for the team’s creative energy and the culinary journey.  Additional focal points are provided by Timorous Beasties, a design-led manufacturing company, who produced some beautiful large Paper Damask panels and the infamous Connor Brothers who created some site-specific art especially for Tom.