Fourth-generation potato farmers, Savoursmiths’ founders, Mike and Colette were looking to diversify the family’s farming business. Tired of snacks with the same old flavours, they decided to innovate and produce their own lavishly flavoured, healthier snacks from their farm’s own produce, to create a brand of crisps that combines convenience with superior quality and taste.

Mike and Colette approached Mystery to help them design the product and bring their idea to life, a project that included strategy and naming; brand identity and creating both the packaging design and copy, seasoned with a sprinkle of witty repartee.  

Cut from their own, home-grown British potatoes and cooked in their skins in the farm’s own rapeseed oil these crisps are not only a tastier, better looking and of better quality than your average crisp, but healthier too. Gluten-free with no MSG, they use only natural flavouring and contain nothing artificial.

Through our unique brand positioning process, we defined the brand as being a combination of the Lover and the Rebel: A Romantic Radical, with a core value of audacious luxury – AUDACIOUS in showing a willingness to take surprisingly bold risks; while LUXURY is the epitome of excellence and desirability.

With a nod to Colette’s background as a globe-trotting model, the logo design takes inspiration from luxury fashion brands – polished and distinguished – while references to the unique and longstanding heritage of the family’s farm, alluding to the hand-cooked methods and artisanal qualities of the business.

Creating a cast of bold and crafty characters to feature on the fronts of the wildly colourful, metallic packets, the packaging reflects the brand’s upmarket values and spontaneous eccentricity through tailor-made copy, written in-house by the studio.

Launched in 2016, Savoursmiths has gone from strength to strength, recently launching new flavours. In Waitrose and Fortnum and Mason and over 1000 stores in the USA, it continues to grow and be one of our most enjoyable and tastiest accounts.

“Mystery has been great in helping us bring SAVOURSMITHS to life. The team was energetic, positive, humorous and fun, with exceptional creativity and inspiring ideas.”

Colette Russell Smith, Savour Director