Pioneers in the recent dairy-free revolution, Rebel Kitchen was born out of a need to challenge the status quo.  At the heart of the Rebel Kitchen brand is the belief in being proactive about health.

Founder, Tamara Arbib, a mother of three small children had always been passionate about children’s development through healthy eating and set up The A Team Foundation with husband, Ben in 2014, with a mission to redefine health through food, business and beyond. 

Frustrated with the lack of with the lack of truly wholesome products for children, so she set about to create a solution and the idea for Rebel Kitchen, a range of healthy, coconut milk-based drinks was born.

While the idea was there, Tamara needed help to bring her concept to market, and Mystery was brought on board to help. 

Through our strategic process, we first helped Tamara to define the brand positioning. Her concept was a playful, non-conformist brand on a serious mission: to nourish the world one snack at a time. 

Based on our belief that all brands have a personality and our use of the Jung Archteypes to help define every brand’s personality and traits, we identified Tamara’s brand as The Rebel – questioning authority and breaking the rules; craving rebellion and revolution. In this case, the rebellion was to take place in the kitchen…and Rebel Kitchen was born! 

Once the name was set, we worked together to produce a clear strategy for the launch of the first product – a range of 100% Healthy, Coconut Mylk Drinks.  

Our team then set about designing an easily recognisable, memorable and emotive identity, that ensured appeal to both parents and kids and conveyed a no-nonsense, rebellious and confident attitude – the Rebel Kitchen tattooed wings. 

This was followed by packaging design and an easy-to-navigate website – a playful and literal interpretation of the fridge in a rebel’s kitchen!

We are hugely proud of the work for this pioneering brand that continues to shake up the children’s snack market and it has led to many more projects for ground-breaking and innovative brands in the healthy food and drink sector.