With more than a century of ‘Made in France’ savoir-faire, MONIN is a trusted family-run business and an international leading brand at the forefront of the gourmet flavour industry. 

In collaboration with the internationally renowned bartender, Alex Kratena, Monin created a range of single botanic cordials for bartenders under the brand name PARAGON.  We were thrilled to be chosen to oversee the branding, including naming and identity, bottle and labelling design for this exciting new brand. 

Created as a series of “botanical chapters”, which will become an encyclopaedic collection of ingredients for bartenders, the first chapter focuses on three different varieties of pepper, specifically the pepper berries.  

Our challenge was to narrate an emotive story behind this authentic and original range of signature flavours, building a brand identity that mixologists would be inspired by.  

Working closely with the client, we came up with the name PARAGON – an internationally recognised term meaning the perfect example of a particular quality, with each of the cordials being the flawless representation of their signature ingredient.   We also defined the brand positioning and messaging. 

Craft-inspired designs become more sophisticated as brands tap into rising interest in sustainable products and our bottle shapes nod to the vintage apothecary, while being streamlined enough to fit in on a speed rail or at-home bar.  

Cork stoppers, paper bottle seals and neck wraps evoke small-batch, artisan processes; the metallic and foil stamps nod to brand heritage and history, while handwritten details on labels suggest artisanal craft and the hand of the maker.

Our labelling, designed as a stamp or mark of quality, suggests each product is sourced, produced and labelled with care and features delicate botanical illustrations by our in house illustrator to convey the brand’s personality, heritage and authenticity.

PARAGON launched in October 2019 with a huge amount of anticipation and interest and has received great feedback from mixologists and customers alike.   

“We were all very happy with the collaboration we had with Mystery. They very quickly understood the essence of the range and what we wanted to express though the packaging. The results were completely in line with our expectations and they also managed to bring a special touch to the final design (the beautiful illustration). Feedback has been really positive so far.”

Bénédicte Messina, EMEIA Marketing Manager, Monin.