When internationally renowned Cuban rum brand, Pacto Navio was set to relaunch, brand owner, Havana Club hired Mystery to create a unique sales and marketing tool that would be used to educate staff, trade customers and consumers around the globe.

The launch of the new bottle would take place across regions and marketing channels, so we created the Pacto Navio ‘Brand World’ for marketing and sales to act as a template for all territories to work from. 

Different from the other spirits in their portfolio, Havana Club wanted to create something extra special for Pacto Navio – something that would encompass all the qualities of this unique rum, in a more alternative and engaging way to the usual marketing material, ensuring its appeal to a younger audience seeking new experiences and flavours.

Our Pacto Navio Brand World is a graphic re-creation of this special rum’s unique story, using specifically created visuals, packaging and product designs, including graphics, illustrations, marketing and promotional collateral, presenters, tasting kits, merchandising, accessories, show stands and displays! 

Using existing and updated identity, graphics and bottle design, we consolidated all aspects of the brand and, through our detailed brand positioning exercise, defined Pacto Navio’s DNA and brand personality to create a consistent tone of voice – vibrant, bold, adventurous and passionate. 

The result is an all-encompassing and entertaining representation of this legendary Cuban rum that will continue to grow and tell its story. 

Pacto Navio’s brand world has also been adopted for the website.  https://www.pacto-navio.com/