nojō sauces occupy that perfect place in the world – healthy, gluten-free and made from all-natural ingredients while being absolutely packed with gorgeous flavour.

In 2019 we worked with owner and founder Simona to give the brand a look and feel to match its unique proposition, so of course we’re delighted that the combination of great taste and great image has meant the range is expanding!

The original line-up now becomes the “classic” line-up while the new sauces make up the “play” range: Orange Poke Sauce, Tahini Noodle Sauce and Yuzu Salad Sauce.

Simona asked Mystery to design labels for the play range which would make the new sauces stand out while staying consistent with the family they’re born into. We did just that with hand-drawn illustrations based on the key ingredient of each sauce, colourways with a nod to their essence and a slight logo tweak to make it pop right off the bottle.

Delicious, nutritious and primed to fly off the shelves – it’s a big yes to nojō!

“Mystery did a great job at expending the line and bringing playful feel to it while preserving identity and keeping it on point!”

Simona Deifta, Founder of Nojō London