We were first approached by Mr Ji’s founders back in 2017 when they were looking to test out their concept in a pop-up Taiwanese fried chicken shop in Camden.

Mr Ji (Ji meaning chicken in Taiwanese) offers diners a more premium, tastier and fresher fast food experience, with a concept inspired by the bustling night markets of Taipei.  

Mystery was tasked with creating the full concept for the restaurant offer; from the brand positioning and identity; graphics and product packaging to the interior and exterior scheme for Mr Ji’s first site, as well as designing the identity, signage and graphics for their pop-up. 

The idea for Mr Ji was formed while the two friends were on a trip to Taipei, hoping to find the ultimate fried chicken recipe. 

Hiking up Elephant Mountain to get a better view of Taiwan’s capital city, Taipei, they met a man in his 90s, wearing oversized glasses, who apparently hiked the mountain three times a day.  

They asked him where to find the best fried chicken in Taipei and he pointed in the direction of the huge Shilin night market (considered to be the largest and most famous night market in Taipei), where people were queuing for miles.  The friends never caught the old man’s name, so they called him Mr Ji and the resulting concept is named in his honour! 

Through our brand positioning process, we identified Mr Ji as The Explorer personality archetype, explorers being risk-takers, individualists, the ones to bring something new to the table. They empower their drive to discover in order to shake the market and Mr Ji intends to shake things up!  

Mr Ji’s identity design alludes to the Mystery of the man himself, with little detail to his face, save the over-sized specs!  The graphics are designed to be bright, representing the colourful and eclectic style of the Asian night markets.  The wayfinding, signage and messaging capture the fun, humorous style of the founders. 

The colour scheme is about the transition between day and night, where the street is lit up and pops of colours through lighting and neon signs start to appear. 

The raw and unconventional finishes, functional built-in furniture, use of pared-back materials in interesting and unexpected ways all conspire to give a sense of an authentic night market environment for a fun and distinctive dine-in or takeaway experience. 

Mr Ji is now open in London’s Old Compton Street.