One of our most recent food packaging design assignments has been Mimselicious, the better-for-you-treats that have accessibility and pure enjoyment at their core. 

Mimselicious is the brainchild of Mirjam Schmidlin, whose personal journey with food intolerances and experience in catering and recipe development led her to develop a new brand of mainstream and accessible healthy treats. 

Having seen our portfolio of design projects and realising a lot of the great branding she had already identified in the supermarkets had been designed by Mystery, Mirjam approached us to help her bring her new idea to life. 

Mimselicious is all about challenging the status quo, provoking bold taste to move plant-based and natural snacks out of the counter-culture and into the mainstream way of eating.  The design challenge was to ensure that products would stand out on shelf in a crowded market, creating a brand and packaging that was both eye-catching and would convey the essence of the brand.

Our Brand Positioning exercise helped with Mirjam’s own understanding of what she wanted to achieve with the design, tone-of-voice and messaging hierarchy.  The premium, vibrant and fun designs needed to grab buyers’ attention and attract collaborations with other brands and retailers. 

Our packaging design features rich colours with eye-catching illustrations that highlight the naturalness of the product. The vibrant colours and jungle of graphics helps ensure the packaging will stand out on the shelf while making the product centre stage. 

“We’ve received so much positive feedback from customers and buyers on our packaging. Working with Mystery has made a monumental difference in setting ourselves apart from other confectionary brands on the shelf. Not only did they spend the time on getting to know Mimselicious values and mission, but they were always open to phone calls, emails when queries or questions arise in addition to communicating directly with my suppliers when there were misunderstandings or design questions. I was incredibly grateful for the commitment and time spent on ensuring the print quality, colours and positioning was perfect for our first-time round print.”

Mirjam Schmidlin, founder Mimselicious