Mystery worked closely with “foodpreneur” and blogger, Olivia Wollenberg from 2014, not long after she started her Livia’s Kitchen (now renamed “Livia’s”) brand. 

It all started with Crumbles!  Olivia first approached Mystery to redesign the packaging for her “Livia’s Kitchen Crumble” range of healthy crumbles that put a nutritional twist on traditional desserts. Her Kitchen Crumble range was her first retail product, already on sale in Selfridges and in stores across London. 

Olivia felt her original packaging needed to stand out more and have a stronger identity, creating a style that would carry through to future new products.  

Mystery re-designed the “Crumbles” packaging to capture her own personality, reflecting her bright, smart and wonderfully eccentric character, we took the existing logo and adapted it slightly to flow more and appear more personal, representing her real signature.

We created the Livia’s Kitchen Apron that has become synonymous with her brand. Our packaging, featuring bright colours, sharp graphics and an upmarket feel is in tune with a younger demographic, and Olivia’s youthful, extrovert personality is conveyed using clean lines and bright and contemporary colours. 

We worked alongside Olivia for several years, creating the packaging design for Crumbles, Raw Millionaire Bites, Biccy Boms and Nugglets.

“Mystery played a vital role in getting my business to the point that it is now at! Whilst I have enjoyed coming up with product ideas and ensuring that these come to fruition, my partnership with Mystery made certain that my vision for my packaging and brand as a whole could be achieved. Mystery achieved a design that is both fun and approachable…and this has been instrumental in increasing business, because it has allowed Livia’s to reach a wider range of consumers…”

Olivia Wollenberg