E-liquid company founder Shaf came to Mystery to create a whole brand ecosystem for his new venture, from the name right down to packaging and POS collateral. Always ones to relish a 360-degree project we rolled up our sleeves and together with Shaf we created Hyte Vape.

The days of smoking in pubs, restaurants and other public places are long gone and smoking itself as a habit is in decline. The e-cigarette industry has blossomed, providing a much richer set of options for consumers to enjoy, as well as massive reduction in harm.

Hyte represents a fun and exciting alternative to smoking at an everyday price-point. The brand’s tagline “feel the flavour” speaks to the intriguing range of flavours like berry anise, iced mint and mango. Visuals are clear and concise with a bold use of colour – vital for small e-liquid bottles at point of sale where they need to stand out on a crowded shelf and create instant brand recognition. The flavours are each given an unmistakable colourway to make them distinct from each other while being tied together as a collection by unique vapour-inspired bottle and packaging design.

“It was a pleasure working in conjunction with the Mystery team. The communication from them was excellent as they kept us updated with adjustments to make sure the final product was perfect to our liking. We had a short time limit for completion; however this was not a problem as the Mystery team quickly acquired a great understanding of our brand vision, which was conveyed beautifully through the creative and stunning product design.”

Shaf Ali, Founder and Owner