Honeybell is a unique rum flavoured with English blossom honey, vanilla pods and a very special variety of orange that is changing the concept of what a spiced rum can be. An absolute passion project for founder Jay, Honeybell is distilled in England and takes its name from the fruit used to provide its signature notes, the honeybell orange.

Jay came to us with a delicious rum, a name and a hand-drawn sketch; from there we created the brand from wordmark right down to the label design.

The brand symbol is inspired by the eye-catching shape of the citrus fruit and moulded by the premium nature of the spirit. To impart the hand-crafted luxurious nature of the brand we used bespoke illustrations drawn in-house to provide a frame to the label design. These are picked out in a delicate copper foil, offering a warmth and premium feel which speaks to the liquid itself while a gently waved edge softens and diffuses the boundary between label and bottle.

The result is a mixture of refinement and seduction which discreetly shoulders its way forward and has your undivided attention from the start.

“We approached Mystery to design our new brand and labels for our new spiced rum Honeybell, Julia and the team understood our concept from day one and we were blown away by the excitement that they had to work on our product. The design and the brand which they helped to create is perfect and we are excited to be working with them again soon.”

Jay Macdonald, Founder and Owner of Premium Spirits