Sarit Packer and Itamar Srulovich, founders of the hugely popular Honey & Co restaurant on Warren Street in Fitrovia, London had developed a cult following for their amazing home-cooked Middle-Eastern cuisine. Their small restaurant turned over huge numbers of covers every day, and was packed full from morning to night, but customers still wanted more! 

Having already leased the building opposite for office and storage space, but as they grew, realised they could also sell the food they were making in Honey & Spice and turned the space into a Deli – Honey & Spice.

Our creative director, Adele Harrington was called up to transform the office space into a deli-style interior, stripping it out completely to undertake a complete redesign for its new purpose. 

Honey & Spice was given a market place atmosphere, maximising shelf space, and storage with strong beautiful displays and versatile shelving ideas to create as much space as possible to house and sell a mixture of fresh food and containers of Honey’s pre-cooked dishes and sides. 

Adele was inspired by the curves of the Bauhaus buildings in Tel Aviv, translating them into curves inside the Deli. The couple’s Israeli heritage is also represented by Byzantine colours (blues and greens), and given a simple, yet clean and contemporary style using natural woods and tiles. 

The beautiful honey-coloured background at the back of the deli adds warmth, while the neutral backgrounds mean the food itself provides the colour, allowing it to stand out as the true hero of the brand.