Following the success of both Honey & Co and Honey & Spice, founders Sarit Packer and Itamar Srulovich decided to take their restaurant offering to the next level, opening a new restaurant on Great Portland Street, designed to cater more for special occasions with a slightly more formal style.  

As the owners say, while Honey & Co is their Greek tavern, Honey & Smoke is their Riyadh!  Honey & Smoke serves the same cuisine, but the couple wanted to create something special, opulent and luxurious, yet with the same relaxed ambiance they had become known for.  

Mystery’s creative director Adele was once again called upon for this next project and set about creating the couple’s Riyadh…

It was important to give the restaurant a good balance of luxury with a laid-back ambience that would be appropriate for all day dining.  Being inspired by the use of colour, flavour and texture in their food, design elements give a nod to the style influences such as colourful tiling, texture and bold brights. 

With huge, imposing doors leading you into a large, yet zoned space, Honey & Smoke is very much Moroccan in style; with richer and more opulent colours and fabrics; rich earthy tones with metallic elements such as brass for a more luxurious feel.  While handmade Zellige (Moroccan) tiles and earthy background tones, together with displays of their food and ingredients, retain a sense of authenticity and down to earth style that reflects the ethos of the brand. 

Sarit and Itamar’s bold and colourful personalities shine through in their food and the excellent Charlie Patterson created some bold geometric artwork for both floors, as well as the window graphic.

The couple were very happy with their beautiful new restaurant and soon called Adele back to refurbish their first baby, Honey & Co…