Henrietta Lampkin approached Mystery with her idea for a range of coconut oil-based deodorants with a very specific dream: to convert deodorant users to the benefits of chemical-free, 100% natural deodorants made from organic coconut oil formulated with other plant botanicals and earth minerals. 

Mystery was tasked with creating the identity, packaging, POS and marketing material for this innovative new personal care brand. 

Our identity and packaging designs for Elsa’s give the brand a fresh, simple, young and contemporary yet approachable feel.  

With a clean white background, a bright and friendly handwritten font in a different colour for each SKU, Elsa’s products are designed to appeal to all ages and to stand out both amongst natural products, as well as with mainstream, non-organic brands. 

We have loved working with Henrietta on Elsa’s since the beginning, and have jointly overcome many challenges that ground-breaking new products come up against! We continue to work with her and have more exciting new products launching soon. 

“From the earliest stages, Mystery created an eye-catching fresh logo and branding and they totally got my vision of appealing to the green beauty/eco-chic market. They have delivered and been extremely flexible with the many changes in products and packaging formats. I plan to use them for all future Elsa’s products!”

Henrietta Lampkin, Creator and Founder, Elsa’s Organic Skin Food.

Elsa’s Organic Skin Foods‘ Ocean organic deodorant won Gold in the 2017 Janey Lee Grace Platinum Awards. A huge achievement, as her product hadn’t even hit the stores at that point! She has since won the award again in 2019.