If you work in the creative industries, chances are you’ve had the odd busy day* and needed to grab a bite on the go. It’s not always been easy balancing a hectic lifestyle with fresh food but thanks to fabulous places like Buy & Bite, it’s getting a lot easier.

Buy & Bite is a fast service restaurant in Farringdon where you can pick up gorgeous, feel-good food in moments and know that every dish is going to make your tastebuds sing while filling you up with nutritious goodness.

Opening up just before the pandemic struck, as the buzz returned to the area Buy & Bite wanted to remind people of just why they needed to step through the doors, and that’s where Mystery came in to play. We took the reigns for a full refresh, using the brand’s existing signature orange for continuity while refining and enhancing how the core proposition is communicated.

Our creative team codified Buy & Bite’s inspirational vision, mission and values – like the authenticity, creativity and innovation at its heart, the friendliness, freshness and flavour it delivers every time. We created a brand mascot – an adorable illustrated Chowchow dog called Omu (after their signature omu rice dish) – to playfully highlight the friendliness and fusion food offering. For the logo, we subtly adapted the shape of the ampersand, creating an outline of a bowl at its centre as a delicious detail to notice up-close.

All in all this was a delicious Mystery mission to help a brand which needed a little something extra to cut through the noise and one we love to see time and again when we drop by for something tasty.

*You know, just the odd one here and there

“Working with Mystery, to rebrand our restaurant has been amazing! They were able to help refine our story behind our business, as well as create a branding guidebook and our amazing new mascot ‘Omu’! We can say we are very pleased.”

Daniel, Head of Business Development & Strategy