In 2002, the recently-married Mark and Lindsay Lilley, chucked in their corporate jobs, sold their flat, booked a round-the-world ticket, and went in search of their dream!  Fourteen years later and Mark and Lindsay’s Abokado chain has over 20 sites across London.

Abokado has been a quiet success story and has a loyal customer base, but with increasing competition in the healthy QSR sector, the owners recognised they needed to take their concept to the next level and asked Mystery to give Abokado a complete brand refresh, across all sites, initially focusing on their new store in Hammersmith.

Mystery was tasked with delivering a refresh across all points of contact – from brand identity and POS and packaging to interior design, wayfinding and staff uniforms. Our aim was to make Abokado stand out as the go-to healthy QSR and to help create and deliver a market-leading concept store at Hammersmith to lead the way, providing a template for the rest of the sites. 

Following a full brand audit and branding workshop we defined and agreed the brand’s core DNA, messaging and brand positioning – all conspiring to enable us to create our concept designs.

In all our brand positioning endeavours, we look for the core personality in a brand and identified Abokado as The Innocent. There is an unwavering positivity at the heart of The Innocent and everything that Abokado stands for. It’s a fundamental truth in life that ‘everything seems better when the sun shines!’

With the focus on Positivity being at the heart of the brand and the food summarised as a melting pot of Pacific Flavours, we created an environment that felt warm and inviting, with lush and vibrant accents to convey a sense of escapism, such as tropical jungle tiles, with a beautiful hand-painted leaf pattern and natural cork walls to add texture and warmth to the space, as well as providing a sound dampener to help create a quiet and relaxing refuge from the noise outside. 

“It’s been such an incredible project to work with Mystery on! It was a big, audacious goal all those months ago and, despite our timelines, we all kept it moving forward collectively as a team…I’m sitting in the store and it genuinely is a lovely space. ”

Head of Marketing