8Foods founders, Alexi,  appointed Mystery to rebrand her overarching company, 8Foods and two sub brands, Keto8 and Cru8. Founded in 2014, 8Foods focuses on raw, keto and paleo foods with the purpose of transforming eating habits with a range of snack foods free from gluten, dairy and refined sugar. The innovative, nutrient-dense superfood products are now available in Selfridges, Wholefoods Market, Planet Organic, Revital and a number of other independent health food stores and deli’s.

Mystery were tasked with creating a new and dynamic brand strategy including a brand identity refresh design, packaging design for Keto8 pouches, 8Foods Website homepage design as well as 8Foods Instagram look and feel.

Mystery’s challenge was to present 8Foods to a wider audience, improving their distribution as well as refreshing their brand look and feel.

8Foods value proposition is “to positively transform health and unlock human potential through great tasting, health-promoting foods” and Mystery believes this should be transferred to every aspect of the brand in a language which is understood by customers.

As such, 8Foods is not only a product but a lifestyle, transforming into an aspirational brand for health-conscious consumers.

For the Keto8 packaging, Mystery used bold background colours to shout on the shelf but also make the product image on the pack stand out. The Logo ‘Keto8’ is on the side of the packaging in black which also shows off the 8 as the infinity symbol.