We’re now a couple of months into 2020 and as we move into a new decade and a new era for the UK, it seems a good time to stress the importance of rebranding to keep your brand fresh, current and moving with the times.  So what are the advantages of rebranding?

The advantages of rebranding

Much like builders who create beautiful houses, but never get around to their own renovations, as agencies we often let our own brand stagnate while we update everyone else’s!   

So, we have just carried out our own rebranding exercise, refreshing our own identity and building a fantastic new website, and in doing so, it has made us rethink where we want to go, who we want to be and where our focus should lie.  All of which is so important to do every now and then.

So many brands, large and small, fall into the trap of believing that if they had a brand that was thriving and current in the first few years since launch, it has somehow got the secret formula to eternal success and can remain the same forever.

This is a very dangerous way to think and when seemingly healthy brands go under, you have to ask: ‘What could they have done to prevent their demise?’ 

Successful rebranding

There’s a reason why most of the world’s best and most enduring brands stand the test of time: It’s their willingness to change, to move with the times, to keep their brand fresh, current and evolving and to not be afraid to realise their existing persona (and it does come down to a brand’s “personality”) is not what resonates with their current audience.  

Coca Cola, Pepsi Max, McDonald’s, Gregg’s and Burger King continue to change, recognising differing needs and tastes of their consumers, and indeed to recognise that their audience may change or has already changed.  

We are currently working with Patisserie Valerie on the rebrand of this high street favourite that went into administration a year ago.  New owners Causeway Capital took on the much-loved UK bakery and coffee shop chain, realising its potential and value, but understanding that if it was going to survive into the future, it was necessary to consolidate and update both image and offering to provide a positive forward strategy. 

We have been working closely with the new team to evolve the brand, including updating the well-recognised brand identity, menu and staff uniform, marketing and training material, as well as the design of an updated, contemporary interiors scheme to roll out across all sites.  It will be great to see the new look shops start to re-emerge on our high streets. 

Similar to our previous work with QSRs such as Chopstix, last year we worked with healthy QSR, Abokado on a brand refresh designed to revitalise their existing concept in order to take it to the next level.

We focused the initial refresh on Abokado’s new store in Hammersmith, re-designing everything from brand identity, POS and packaging to interior design, wayfinding and staff uniforms and providing a template for other sites to follow going forward. 

ABOKADO Branding

Whatever the reason for a rebrand or a brand refresh, it’s much better to anticipate the need before it’s too late, so if you’re wondering about your business, ask yourself the following questions: 

  1. Has your business had a major change in management? 
  2. Are you looking to expand or diverse the markets your business sits within? 
  3. Has your product or offer changed since you launched? 
  4. Has your customer profile changed since you launched?
  5. Have your competitors increased in either numbers or market share?
  6. Have there been technological advances since you launched that you haven’t explored? 
  7. Does your brand identity work across all media now with the impact of online? 
  8. Do you need to reach out to new audiences?
  9. Have you received any bad press or negative feedback from customers?
  10. Are your sales still increasing at a healthy rate? 

If you an answer YES to most of the first nine questions and NO to the tenth, then it is likely time for you to consider a rebranding exercise to help drive growth to your business.  This doesn’t necessarily mean a total overhaul; it could be a brand audit and then some subtle changes to positioning, strategy and identity to the way you communicate with your customers.  

At the end of the day successful rebranding is about adapting and innovating.  Now may be the right time to review your look and feel and the consumer environment and think about how you can look to keep them interested and coming back for more.  After all, we all need a bit of help to stay looking fresh, vibrant and in touch with modern life.  Brands are no different.  

Here’s looking forward to a very prosperous and successful 2020.  If you are thinking about rebranding your product or business, please give us a call.