Really happy to see our clients, Kult Pizza getting on so brilliantly at their first site in Farringdon. Six months after launching on Cowcross Street, their authentic Italian pizza snacks, served up in their own unique style have become a firm favourite with hungry young professionals in The City.

Leopoldo Marsicola and Gabrio Magliano, two Italians living in London, were longing for the authentic taste of home.  With a passion for entrepreneurship, they decided to break away from the normal nine to five and embark on a business journey to establish a modern, scalable QSR pizzeria brand that could sit proudly alongside major high street QSRs. 

Leo and Gabrio’s vision was to create a new KULT-ure for pizza lovers in London that’s flexible, fun and creative.  Targeted at young professionals, city workers and foodies looking for a top quality, authentic snack for lunches on the hop, Kult Pizza’s central offer is their pizzetta – snack size pizzas that allow customers to sample a delicious variety of flavours without having to overeat. 

They approached Mystery to help them bring their vision to life; to define their brand positioning and design their identity, interior concept, takeaway packaging, signage, POS and menu design.  

Our brand positioning exercise identified KULT PIZZA as the Visionary personality – a future-facing, outcome orientated, insightful and imaginative change agent; in short, a trend-setter with the creative expression of revolution and innovation; young, vibrant and fun with a confidence that is infectious.

KULT Pizza’s audience are the young, ambitious “cool hunters”, who share a desire to find cool brands and experiences in order to underpin their lifestyle status, so our creative direction is all about Kult-ure; taking the old and creating something new; combining authenticity with innovation.  

Our team, that includes super-talented illustrators, came up with a graphic style that’s a mix of pop art, manga and comic book. Bold and brash, it draws you in with its fun and confident style and invites you to have fun. 

For the interiors we introduced a contemporary scheme, that’s a current take on pop art, using bright, vibrant and modern colours, and furniture style, combined with classic Italian, authentic features to underpin the brand’s heritage.

Our talented team also designed some incredible art in the style of pop culture visionaries, such as Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein, with a hint of Astro Boy.

We absolutely love the results and are very happy to see Kult Pizza rightfully owning its place on the high street (and on Deliveroo) and delivering its Kult-ural pizza revolution to The City.