It’s always great to see our product and packaging design work come to life and we’ve loved every minute of working with fledgling healthy food brand, nojō, to create the packaging for their new range of healthy, versatile, all-natural Asian-inspired sauces.

nojō has been producing delicious, all-natural and gluten free food for several years and have now come up with a range of Asian-inspired sauces to bring every dish to life.

Using only the best, carefully sourced ingredients, their focus is on providing real food with real nutrition – and a great taste too – to transform your everyday meal.

Food Bottle Label Design Graphic Illustrations

nojō’s sauces are made to their own specification outside of London and are very transparent about what goes in each bottle. Every sauce is prepared according to a traditional Japanese recipe using the finest quality ingredients – gluten free soy (tamari), A-grade maple syrup, Sichuan pepper and other natural ingredients.

For nojō, it’s all about balance, the celebration of good food, fun and experimentation. Our designs are subtle yet colourful, individual, fun and experimental, inspired by simple Japanese illustrations and graphics and given their own unique twist.

Food Bottle Label Design Graphic Illustrations

Focusing on the use of each sauce, we created complementary illustrations for all three flavours – Sesame, White Miso and Teriyaki – highlighting the uniqueness of each.

The simple, clean and minimal illustrations by our in-house illustrator reflect the minimally-processed ingredients in nojō’s sauces, which avoid artificial sweeteners and refined oils as well as artificial flavourings, colourings and preservatives.

The labelling conveys the same quality and integrity and the contents, lovingly poured into each bottle.

Food Bottle Label Design Graphic Illustrations

We’re really excited to see this brand launch, grow and continue to help everyone create beautiful and delicious dishes, effortlessly.

See what nojō is all about on their website.