At Mystery, we like to think we’re champions of plant-based alternative foods and so were really excited to get to work on our latest branding and design project for All Out Foods. Their first product, the 100% plant-based and very tasty All Out Burger has already been shaking up BBQs all over the country this summer!   

Storm-chasing couple, Tim Moxon and Cammie Czuchnicki had spent a lot of time in the US, where they became acutely aware to the full extent of factory farming and decided to make the move towards veganism.

Back in the UK, they realised that there was very little in the vegan burger market that really stood out and gave them what they wanted, so they started to create their own recipe. Now, having given up the storm chasing in an attempt to lead a lower carbon lifestyle, they are putting all their efforts into the growing their plant-based foods brand.

Icon Logo Design

On recommendation of our existing client, Flipside, the innovative duo enlisted our help to develop their ideas to the point where they could take their brand to market, literally, encompassing everything from brand strategy and naming, brand positioning, identity design, packaging design and stand design for markets and shows.

Below Cammie gives some insight into how the project worked from a client perspective:

What did you like about our approach to the project?

The combination of structure and creativity fitted perfectly with our needs. We had spent months going round in circles trying to find creative solutions to problems that the Mystery team had nailed in no time! Initial thought gathering sessions at the offices were both productive and fun and the time allocated to this no doubt played an integral part in the project being such a success.

Icon Logo Design

What did you particularly like about the designs?

We loved the name straight away and the high impact stamped logo really stands out. We soon started hearing ‘All Out’ used in conversations all over the place! Yet, always in really fun, positive situations, which reinforced its appeal. Our brand red is bold and confident, almost making you hungry and coupled with the gold adds a touch of class – representing the quality of our products. The accompanying icons and character assets work perfectly with the fun and inclusive brand we are trying to build.

Any lessons learned along the way?

We threw ourselves into the retail package design straight away, but our plans stalled, as our efforts to find a manufacturer hit problems and we are yet to realise this particular goal. Perhaps in hindsight we shouldn’t have given so much attention to the design for retail until we were closer to market, however it’s great to know that when we are ready, the design will be too, and it’s going to look awesome on the shelves!

Icon Logo Design

How does it feel seeing all your product designs ready to go?

We love our final designs and our character stylings and icons have given us a great deal of scope with our marketing and messaging. Our website, marketing collateral and show stand has gained nothing but positive feedback. We are very proud of what we stand for and now have a look and feel that represents us perfectly. We really are living the brand.

What’s next for All Out Foods?

We are concentrating on getting our flagship product, the All Out Burger into foodservice before (hopefully) launching into retail later in the year. There is also talk of some All Out Wheatballs around the corner too. Watch this space!

Find out more about All Out Foods on their website: