We’re bubbling over with the amazing feedback received for our Aperol Giardino 2019 designs for Aperol Spritz – with 12 pop-up gardens and terraces currently in situ across the country, and more planned. They’re the perfect place to relax and unwind with friends during this lovely summer weather.

This has been an important year for Aperol (Campari), having celebrated its 100th anniversary. The popularity and success of the Aperol Spritz pop-up gardens and terraces has helped to further capitalise on the brand’s heritage and ongoing story, by providing the perfect environment for everyone to enjoy an Aperol Spritz with friends and family.

As always, it’s a joint effort and we have worked closely with the Aperol team to make sure all objectives were met; creating the perfect setting that conveys the inner light-hearted spirit of the brand, enabling people to spontaneously come together for a truly memorable and enjoyable time.

The gardens, created in the unmistakable, vibrant orange of Aperol, are filled with sociable, varied seating, zoning to suit all occasions, serving areas, instagrammable corners and innovative features – all designed to be tailored to fit the individual space of every Aperol client’s venue.

“Mystery’s designs were innovative and strategic, designed to gain maximum impact and with the flexibility to make each site unique. It has been a pleasure working with the team and we look forward to a successful ongoing collaboration for next year’s Aperol terraces and gardens with more sites planned.” Aperol Spokesperson for Campari UK.

We’re certainly looking forward to more good times with Aperol. Salute!

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