Our most recent food packaging design assignment has been Mimselicious, the better-for-you-treats that have accessible, pure enjoyment at their core. Here, founder and MD, Mirjam Schmidlin talks about her personal journey from concept to launch of her brand.

What led you to dream up Mimselicious, and what convinced you to make your dream a reality?

My personal journey with food intolerances and experience in catering and recipe development meant that this is not simply about adopting a trend, it’s an approach to food, health and living well. Nourishing ourselves and the planet by incorporating plant-based and natural ingredients in our product range is a pillar that we will never compromise on at Mimselicious.

When I found out about my food intolerances in 2013, I developed a growing interest in food, nutrition and entrepreneurship. I always wanted to start my own business in food, yet believed I didn’t have the skillset to do so straight after University.

Working for Alara Wholefoods provided me with the platform to extend my knowledge around NPD, Sales and Marketing in addition to building my network in FMCG. So, without much hesitation I quit my job in 2017 and pursued my dream of scaling my most popular recipes for retail.

What’s your goal for Mimselicious?

Mimselicious and our product range remains true to its core; it’s always been our mission to make better-for-you-treats mainstream and accessible. We want to challenge the status quo, provoke bold taste and finally move Free-From, plant-based and natural snacks out of the counter-culture and into the mainstream way of eating. We want to appeal to consumers beyond the labels attached to them in the way we have with our recipes and catering since starting Mimselicious in 2013.

What brought you to Mystery and what did you like about our approach?

The portfolio of design projects I found on Mystery’s website resonated with what I wanted for Mimselicious and prompted me to get in touch. Additionally, a lot of the branding I loved in supermarkets happed to be designed by Mystery, so it was an easy decision to work with them from the start.  We were entering a crowded market after our two-year delay and wanted to ensure that our products would stand out on shelf. We understood that packaging played a major role in consumers picking up our product, as they aren’t able to try before they buy. We were confident that Mystery would be able to come up with something that was eye-catching and gave consumers the essence of our brand.

The Brand Position exercise provided by Mystery was a very insightful process for us as a brand. It really helped with our own understanding of what we wanted to achieve with both our design, tone-of-voice and messaging hierarchy. Mystery took this and transformed it into exactly what we wanted.

How did you find working with the team?

An absolute delight!  Magenda and Julia went above and beyond, from start to finish and even after the project was completed. I recommend Mystery to everyone and anyone looking for new branding work. Not only did they spend the time on getting to know Mimselicious values and mission but were always open to phone calls, emails when queries or questions arise in addition to communicating directly with my suppliers when there were misunderstandings or design questions. I was incredibly grateful for the commitment and time spent on ensuring the print quality, colours and positioning was perfect for our first-time round print.

What did you particularly like about the designs?

EVERYTHING! The process was so straight forward and simple! I fell in love with the first draft Magenda presented and it was a quick ‘yes’ from my side. I was surprised at how well Mystery translated my thoughts for Mimselicious into a packaging design, just by reading my (very long) brand positioning exercise!

We’ve received so much positive feedback from customers and buyers on our packaging. Working with Mystery has made a monumental difference in setting ourselves apart from other confectionary brands on the shelf. The premium, vibrant and fun designs have helped grab buyers’ attention on multiple occasions and attracted many collaborations in the process. Our packaging features rich colours with eye catching graphics that highlight the naturalness of our product. The vibrant colours and jungle of graphics really helps ensure the product stand out on the shelf whilst making the product centre stage.

With the fun, colourful and approachable design created by Mystery we will be able to push our mission of appealing to consumers beyond the labels attached to our products.

Did everything go to plan?

Definitely not! We’ve experienced multiple setbacks, but it’s been the most incredible learning curve for myself and the business. We’ve struggled with the wrong manufacturers and designers in the past, to underestimating the time required for the New Product Development process from sourcing ingredients, packaging and logistics.   Mystery on the other hand was a joy to work with from the start. The team immediately understood my vision for Mimselicious and beautifully translated that into the best designs we could imagine for the brand.

Anything you would do differently?

No, I believe every mistake made is an incredible learning curve. We might have had to postpone our launch by two years, but during that time I was able to extend my network, understand the requirements for the industry better and really unleash my determination and passion to succeed in providing better-for-you treats.

What do you think about your final product?

Mystery played an integral role in making our products stand out both on and off the shelf. We have received the best feedback from buyers and consumers about our packaging and have already established brand recognition within the FMCG market.

How did it feel seeing your products actually packed and ready to sell

After two years of working on the product it was an incredible feeling to see the first-ever pack of Mimselicious bites come off the conveyor belt. Even more so seeing it fully branded and wrapped in its own film. Magenda’s attention to detail meant that everything was perfectly positioned, ensuring a smooth first run of our packaging.

How is everything going with Mimselicious and what’s next?

Really great so far! The product and brand have been received incredibly well in both the UK and German market. We exceeded our Sales projections in our first two months of trading, were one of the most visited stands at the Allergy Free From show and are working on some exciting listings to make the product more widely available. Currently we are also working on coming up with new product ideas to launch early 2020, for which we are looking to collaborate with Mystery again.