We’re cock a hoop about the launch of our latest casual dining branding and interior design project, Chiktopia, a new fast food restaurant with a focused menu of tasty grilled and fried chicken that opened at the end of last week at Intu Lakeside! 

While Dan Einzig, one of Chiktopia’s co-founders, and his Mystery USA team conceived the brand strategy and branding for the project, Mystery London created the interior design scheme for the 2,500ft site at Intu Lakeside’s new “The Quay” outdoor area.

The feel of Chiktopia is a fusion of the retro wholesomeness; of family diners and the high-tech world of touch-screen and App ordering, creating a fun and coherent customer experience both online and in-store.

The brand aims to reflect the unyielding positivity of Californian culture; the food is inspired by both the legendary fried chicken found in Louisiana and the trend for healthier fast-food in Dan Einzig’s home town, Los Angeles; the interior design concept is a combination of influences from California and London.

With such lofty ideals, enthusiasm and positivity, the brand and interior design scheme for Chiktopia is utopian – future/retro – accessible, wholesome and creative, full of inspired ideas like the giant chicken that stands as a beacon outside the front door; the kids drawing sheet with its ’pursuit of paradise’ maze, and simple recycled packaging that helps tell the brand story at quieter moments of the customer’s journey.

Chiktopia’s mantra, “Fast food to feel good about” is reflects its mission not only to create the tastiest, ‘craviest’ chicken, but also to start a journey helping local charity partners working to make disadvantaged children’s lives better. Everyone who downloads the Chiktopia App earns rewards, the value of which is matched with donations to Chiktopia’s local charity partners.

Find out more at www.chiktopia.com