We’re very excited here at Mystery as our co-venture, The Coffee Collaborative, co-founded by young chef and entrepreneur, Luke Thomas, has signed a deal to supply all 127 of Mitchells & Butlers’ Premium Country Pubs. 

This is a huge coup for The Coffee Collaborative –  now supplying M&B pubs with its ‘Imagination’ coffee blend, one of the brand’s three perfectly-balanced blends that uses quality artisan origins, such as Colombian Excelso, Indian Parchment Robusta and Cuba Serrano Arabica to name a few.

The joint venture is led by Luke Thomas, together with coffee experts Andy Grelak and Paul Kemp (who have over 40 years of combined experience in the industry) and Mystery, with our studio having designed the identity, marketing material and packaging, together with all social media graphics.

With consumers now seeking better quality coffee, The Coffee Collaborative offers a “fourth wave” coffee solution by providing artisan-quality coffee in quantities and at prices designed for multiple-site operators.

“I was immediately drawn to the concept of collaboration and taking a truly refined craft coffee proposition, making it accessible to everyone and injecting it with creative energy and collaborations across food, music and the arts,” says Luke Thomas, a hugely inspirational talent who was Britain’s youngest head chef at the tender age o f 17.

On the journey so far, Luke added:  “Our focus as a business has been to support our clients on everything that surrounds the cup as much as what’s in it,” says Thomas. “This includes how to drive additional revenue streams through alcohol brand partnerships, events, art community-driven activations to provide a truly holistic coffee experience”.

The Coffee Collaborative’s successful launch at V Festival included collaboration with some incredible artists, musicians and expert baristas.

Coffee guru, Andy Grelak says: “The market is rapidly changing and there’s a real appetite for artisan coffee. The Coffee Collaborative’s aim is to deliver artisan coffee at volumes required for mainstream consumption, bridging the gaps between cost efficiency, volume, quality and the unique experience that artisan coffee delivers. We believe that high-quality artisan coffee should and can be available to everyone and profitable for business.”

Really excited to see where this fantastic new coffee brand can go.