Mystery has a long-standing relationship with Lazybones, having created the original branding and interiors concept for this fun-loving Farringdon bar in 2013. We were only too happy to be called back five years later to help Lazybones re-invigorate and rediscover its independent spirit with a brand refresh.  And we’re most happy with the results! 

After five years in Cowcross St, regeneration of the locality and shifts in food and beverage trends, this was the perfect opportunity for Lazybones to undergo a brand update, taking advantage of the increased footfall and continuing to maintain its strong position in the area.

Lazybones is an independent, fuss-free, great value bar and eatery that serves up slow meats, bones and burgers with a hand-picked selection of craft beers and contemporary cocktails.

Having worked on the initial concept, our team was tasked to deliver an updated and distinctive identity and interior for Lazybones that reflects the independent spirit that underpins the original concept.

We tackled the challenge of a cost-effective reinvigoration and refurbishment brief, focusing principally on the use of graphics to provide the interior and exterior update.

For the interiors, the team set about raiding Mystery’s archives of vintage graphics, as well as designing some new ones.

The Lo-fi interior design has been brought to life with lots of lightboxes, murals and neon signage, while the bar stands out through the use of window graphics, messaging, bold and punchy fascia graphics.

A DIY approach and rough-around-the-edges aesthetic is paired with plenty of humour to reflect the “Everyday Gal/Guy” archetype.

The bright, bold and eye-catching new graphics, that deliver a perfectly balanced mixture of vintage and contemporary, run across all printed material, website and social media as well as through the interior design.

We’re really happy with the new look Lazybones and customers appear to be too, with great feedback all round.

Next up, we’re very excited to be working on the branding and interiors for Lazybones’ brand-new venue at London Bridge. Watch this space for more info…

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