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We scoop another award for Bōkan London

We scoop another award for Bōkan London

Very happy and proud that Mystery scooped another award for BŌKAN  London last night at the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards 2018 - Best Restaurant or Bar in a Hotel.

Perched on the top of Accor Hotel's flagship Novotel in Canary Wharf this was a mammoth project, that seems like ages ago now, but is still bringing home the awards - and very well deserved too!

Bokan Restaurant daytime

Well done team - we're so proud of everything our fantastic designers do every day.

“Congratulations to the Mystery team for achieving the 2018 best restaurant or bar in a hotel award for BOKAN.  We are extremely proud of where we work and part of this is played through the design of our beautiful hotel.” Louisa Daxer-Robbins, Operations Manager


Whether it's designing incredible brand identity and packaging to make small entrepreneurs' business dreams come true, or huge scale hospitality projects for multi-national companies' latest site...Eevery project has Mystery's heart and soul poured into it in equal measure!

Read about the Bōkan project here: https://www.mystery.co.uk/project/bokan/