We’ve gone loopy for our latest health food brand identity and design project, Revolupin – a new and ground-breaking natural superfood brand, launched by innovative start-up Lupin Food.

At Mystery we love to champion start-ups, especially natural food and drink brands, so we were thrilled to be given the chance to work with the creators of an exciting new brand featuring the latest ground-breaking “super food”, Lupin flakes.

If you know the Mystery team, you’ll know we’re just a little bit freaky when it comes to healthy eating. In fact, we actually have a salad club where we all sit down at lunch and try out different healthy dishes and are very keen on Quinoa and other carb substitutes, so we were really interested in finding out more about Lupin.

Initially grown solely as a facilitator of wheat production in Western Australia, Lupin, a legume, was found to be the world’s highest source of plant-based protein and dietary fibre; at least double that of all other legumes.  Not only that, it contains virtually no carbs, has a low glycaemic index and contains three times as much iron as kale.

While Lupin is a genuinely fantastic source of all the crucial nutrients your body needs, it’s tricky and time-consuming to soak and prepare, but Australian sisters, Mary Sipsas and Sofi Sipsa were determined to bring Lupin flakes to the masses.

They came up with the idea of creating a brand of ready-to-use Lupin flakes and came to Mystery for help to bring their idea to life and take it to the UK health food market.

We were able to give Sofi and Mary a brand name, clearly defined brand positioning and brand development strategy; an initial suite of identity and packaging designs and a solid base on which to grow their exciting new brand.

“Working with Mystery was really good fun and we came away with a concept that we can own and build on”, said Sofi Sipsa.

Our dynamic duo has spent the last few months hitting the health food trade and consumer shows and recently held a successful launch to introduce Lupin Flakes to trade and media.  They are currently selling Revolupin online with exciting plans for launch to retail in the near future.

We wish them all the very best and are sure this innovative food brand has a very healthy future.

Join the Revolupin! For more info, recipes and tips, visit https://lupinfood.com.