When Ed Smith realised there was a gap in the market to create the first truly memorable, premium branded Prosecco for the UK market, he called upon Mystery to assist him in his mission.

Ed has a penchant for taste and a discerning eye for quality, but his frustration lay in the lack of quality branded Prosecco in the UK.  He saw this as an opportunity to create a dominant brand at the premium end of the market; a brand that could confidently sit alongside Champagne and would be just as highly regarded.

Having sourced the ultimate DOC Prosecco from the Treviso province of Veneto and already familiar with our work (his brother is the co-founder of our client, Savoursmiths), Ed hired Mystery to help him bring his vision to life.

With a challenge to assist our new client in creating a brand that would elevate people’s perception of Prosecco in the UK, we set about creating the exquisite branding and premium packaging that would realise Ed’s dream to create the finest Prosecco on the UK market.

The Emissary Prosecco

Introducing The Emissary Prosecco!

The Emissary is on a mission to take the Prosecco-drinking UK by storm.  It looks and tastes fascinating, so much so that we are confident it will become the one truly unforgettable, instantly-recognisable brand of Prosecco that discerning Prosecco drinkers will choose as their go-to brand for all occasions.

We’re incredibly proud of our client, the team and this innovative and beautiful brand and we can’t wait to share a glass with you!

Be inspired. Read more about the project here.

For sales enquiries go to The Emissary website, here.