Mystery’s hospitality branding and design project for independent chain of Indian restaurants, The Cat’s Pyjamas has been a huge success, with the new site in York now open and doing exceptionally well, while Wakefield and Harrogate are set to follow shortly. 

Entrepreneur Alison White’s hugely popular chain of energetic innovative Indian street food restaurants, The Cat’s Pyjamas in Yorkshire, combines a love of authentic, modern and creative Indian food with the best in local craft beer.

The young, yet fast-growing brand captures the energy, passion, vibrancy, colours, chaos and craziness of India, and conspires to create a fun, easy-going, yet dynamic atmosphere.

With new sites secured in York and Wakefield, The Cat’s Pyjamas was in an exciting position of growth, with potential to roll out even further to other cities. Alison engaged Mystery to help her evolve the popular brand and design the interiors concept for the new sites.

When creating the concept, Alison wanted to focus on innovation and youth and hired Alfred Prasad, the youngest Indian chef to ever receive a Michelin star, to help crafted her menu with tantalising aromas and fragrant flavours to create food that will wake the taste buds.

The new graphics and identity help convey this innovation and youthful vitality, taking their inspiration from the celebration of Indian festival of colours as well as the Indian Street Markets, carts and seafood shacks that inspired the brand in the first place. The new artwork is colourful, dynamic, energetic and fun.

The Interior design scheme uses corrugated iron and hand-painted wood, together with industrial furniture and materials to evoke the rawness of an authentic Indian street market.  The raw materials have been given a festival of colour treatment, with vibrant paint literally thrown at the surfaces.

Cat's Pyjamas restaurant design

The corrugated walls clad with graphics and bright patterns, together with brightly coloured paint and treatments give a vibrancy and movement to the space. The seating booths with their individual tin roofs are inspired by street carts and stalls of the Indian market vendors, while Intricately carved wooden fretwork partitions help to define the different sections.

The result is a lively, energetic and dynamic space, with aromas, tastes, sounds and sights to deliver a sensory journey and authentic Indian street food experience you’ll never forget.

The York restaurant is now open and exceeding all expectations, and with Wakefield and Harrogate set to open shortly, The Cat’s Pyjamas is set to continue going from strength to strength, creating a truly unique Indian food concept for the north of England and beyond.

Keep your eyes peeled for more soon.