James O’Sullivan, CEO of our Hospitality Management Technology partners, KOBAS explains how EPoS has evolved to allow restaurants to manage their business outside of trade.

James O’Sullivan, CEO of our Hospitality-Management Technology partners, KOBAS explains how EPoS has evolved to allow restaurants to manage their business outside of trade.

Do you know your EPoS from your elbow? I’m sure you do, but just in case, EPoS means electronic point of sale and is the technology that every restaurant or bar, big or small, needs to have in order to manage its order system and sales.

On-site EPoS is an absolute no-brainer for every operator to implement. No matter how classic your cooking techniques or how old-school your service, using technology to help speed up and more accurately measure and report on your business is just simple common sense.

At a most basic level, having a till that will print prep tickets in the kitchen or at the bar is your entry level requirement, but EPoS has evolved from simple point of sale and now includes so much more…

Firstly, there are many more ordinary capabilities that you can add to a pretty standard system, depending on your business. Such add-ons might include:

Integrated PDQs, with contactless payment, is again a default for in any high-paced bar setting.

Waiter-controlled tablet ordering at the table. This is actually not a personal favourite as I find it’s slower for the server to find the right button than it is to write it down and key in later, but you may beg to differ!

Kitchen screens rather than print outs. While reducing your paper cost, they also offer a wealth of data about how long a dish will take to cook and thus better guidance on when a table can be turned, and the next course needs to be ready.

Payment of final bill via an App. I would probably advise holding off on this one for a little while, as with so many well-funded options in the market, you’d be hard pressed to pick the winner now… and no one wants to be left with the payment app version of Betamax!

However, the real power of modern EPoS doesn’t actually show itself too much on the service side at all. In fact, it’s more often found in how you can manage the business outside of trade.  There is so much more to EPoS systems now than simply point of sale!

For example, did you know that you can now manage menu items away from the floor (or even off -site) giving much more flexibility to your development staff, chefs and procurement people?

When we talk about managing menu items we’re talking about everything from what’s on the menu, to price, recipe, ingredients and allergen content.  Our new allergens section, for example, will take away the headache of this hugely important function, helping both you and your customers stay safe!

Drilling even further into your menus, predictive ordering of ingredients, real-time delivery logging and on-demand reporting, which is all-cloud based, means you need to spend less time doing the tasks that don’t add value and more time doing those that do.

Management systems such as the ones we implement for our clients, go a hell of a lot further than just the EPoS. We can also look after the whole staffing side of the business, from recruitment and applicant tracking, on-boarding, HR filing, holidays, rotas, time and attendance and payroll.  There are no bounds to this constantly evolving hospitality management technology.

Building all these blocks into a single application gives enormous efficiencies. This is EPoS 2.0, it’s restaurant management tech, but not as you know it and designed to work coherently across your entire business.

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James O’Sullivan is CEO of hospitality management system, KOBAS.