Our latest and most unusual food and beverage design project has involved overcoming any phobias about grubs and embracing the idea of insects as a food source.  With clients, Shami Radia and Neil Whippey, Mystery has joined the quest to persuade the UK to Eat Grub!

Eat Grub Packaging Design

Friends Shami and Neil are the genius founders behind the Eat Grub brand, which has been steadily growing its unique insect protein-based product range and customer base since launching in 2013.

While eating protein-rich insects in other countries around the world is commonplace, the western world has yet to really catch on to this sustainable, eco-friendly and nutritious omega-rich food source.

Eat Grub Business Card Design

Neil and Shami however, have embraced insects as food and are determined to encourage the UK and Europe to do the same. The energetic duo engaged Mystery to help evolve their existing brand identity and create engaging packaging for their new products and next phase of their brand’s journey.

The studio has also been a hive of activity in the creation of new identity and packaging for Eat Grub’s new products, which include new Ready to Cook Grubs, protein rich Natural Energy Bars, flavoured Crunchy Roasted Crickets and Cricket Protein Powder.

Eat Grub Snack Bar Wrapper Design

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