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Mystery rejuvenates Fosters Freeze – a Californian F&B institution

Mystery rejuvenates Fosters Freeze - a Californian F&B institution

Our USA office is really honoured to have been asked to help rebrand and refresh Fosters Freeze, one of California’s best loved fast food chains. The project includes ongoing brand activation, with Mystery’s founder and ‘man in LA’, Dan Einzig retained in an ongoing role as brand guardian.

Fosters Freeze has been a Californian institution for over 70 years, with over 80 sites across the state in its heyday. However, due to a lack of investment in the last fifteen years, the brand has been in decline.  The new owner, an experienced operator with a passion for the brand, appointed the LA studio to help revitalise and redefine the business.

Fosters Freeze

“Our vision was to bring the brand up to date and relevant to a new generation of memory makers, while focusing on its authentic Californian heritage to revitalize the design, inspired by nostalgia and customers’ cherished memories”, said Dan Einzig. “With this clear focal point, Mystery has developed the brand to advocate, own and stand for the universal principle that simple pleasures - like sunshine and ice cream - are the key to happiness.”

Fosters Freeze

In collaboration with Mystery’s partners, Relativity Architects, an all-new drive-thru flagship restaurant concept has been created, inspired by a rare image Mystery unearthed of one of the original Fosters Freeze franchises and the ‘Googie' architecture movement, that defines quintessential mid-century Californian roadside architecture.

Fosters Freeze

The project also includes the creation of a ‘Refurbishment Guide’ for franchisees, as well as the redesign of all eat-in and take-out materials, including bags, cups, boxes and wrapping paper, together with new digital menu systems and displays.

Fosters Freeze is now focusing on growing the business, with a portfolio of flagship restaurants within California, across America and internationally.

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