We’re wagging our tails with pride following the official launch of TLºC (Truly Lower Celsius), our newest design for Tribal Pet Foods and their range of natural, nutritious and delicious dry dog food!

Tribal TLCHaving designed the brand identity, website and packaging for this independent British manufacturer, Mystery has just completed the packaging design for Tribal’s new complete range of dry dog food, TLºC.

Made at much lower temperatures than their competitors’ products, 95% of all ingredients in Tribal Pet Foods’ dog food is processed below 95ºC, giving dogs an optimum balance of nutrition and goodness, hence the name, “TLºC”.

Tribal Pet Foods TLºC full range

In order to focus the customer’s attention on this key feature, we made it our central communication focus for the packaging design, in both graphics and wording.

The design of the packs was consistent with the original treat packs, using the instantly recognisable fur patterns and collar graphic, while introducing some playful new illustrations to communicate the flavour and the life stage of the dog.