We’re really excited by the recent launch of  Oddsocks Bar & Kitchen, the quirky new restaurant and bar concept for Jurys Inn, Brighton. Mystery designed everything from the branding and interiors through to the menus and staff uniform, which, of course includes the wearing of odd socks!

Oddsocks Clothes Peg Signage

Oddsocks is a unique restaurant and bar concept, designed to meet the needs of both the corporate work crowds and evening/weekend leisure-seekers and is an eclectic mix of convenience and quirkiness, comfort and charm, brought to life through outstanding staff, a rustic F&B offer and a space that feels ‘strangely familiar’.

Oddsocks Interior Design

Every touch point, from the spatial experience to the delivery of food and drink, has a cosy familiarity, blended with surprising and quirky elements to discover at every visit.

Sporadically scattered with fun and emotively quirky furniture, Oddsocks’ interior conveys a quality of energetic and memorable comfort, while the stylised charm in artwork and a banded colour scheme give the warmth and welcome of home.

Oddsocks Bar Brighton

Every person in the team is encouraged to personalize their uniforms with brooches and bow ties as they please, in order to let their unique personalities shine through.

PHOTOS: Marlon Bunday.