A wonderfully fortunate incident involving a batch of yoghurt, a bowler hat and a freak snowstorm, led Walter & Arthur Sloane to create a wonderful concoction right here in East London. And Sloane Bros very British Fro-yo was born. 

When Sloane Bros opened its original site in Brick Lane, London, we designed the identity to reflect the traditionally British character of the product and the historic site in one of London’s best known restaurant districts.  At the same time, the branding and identity needed to appeal to a broad customer base, including families, local residents, young city professionals and tourists alike.

Sloane Bros Nottignham Kiosk

Building on the charm and appeal of two Victorian brothers, Walter and Arthur Sloane, Master Yoghurteers or “inventors” of this very British pioneering and healthier frozen yoghurt brand, Mystery was able to create Sloane Bros’ personality and inform the look and tone of all the graphics, messaging, website and marketing material thereafter.

Sloane Bros business cards design

While the brand’s visuals are Victorian in style, they’ve been given a colourful and modern twist or treatment. Designed around a bowler hat to reflect the city / East London location and a true British icon, the Sloane Bros’ identity, graphics and language all serve to engage the customer through personality and humorous backstory, memorable characters, graphics and quirky messaging.