Tired of not being able to find the right people to manufacture your brilliant packaging idea? Rich Askam, our packaging guru and Advisory Board Member explains how Mystery can now offer bespoke packaging services. 

Had an outstanding packaging design idea, but no one can make it? It’s not a new problem:  creative agency has genius idea; client loves the idea and hands it over to procurement; procurement comes back to client to say they couldn’t find a manufacturer for that particular idea, but “what we can do is this”; client goes back to agency with proposed ‘solution’ and finally the genius idea either gets watered down or, worse still, dropped.

The time has come to solve this eternal agency/client problem and award-winning Brand Design Consultancy, Mystery, has unlocked the solution:  Join forces with an equally forward-thinking person with all the contacts, connections and knowledge of bespoke packaging. Job done.

This is how I came to join Mystery as Advisory Board Member to help this innovative agency grow the business.

What I saw in the first few weeks was an overwhelming desire from Mystery’s clients to update their packaging, but time and time again the same issue arose:  Where do we get it made? Of course you never truly know the value of your little book of contacts until someone asks if you know a guy… and here I am!

My background in personalisation (Coca-Cola, Marmite, Jaffa Cakes) means that I have spent nearly 10 years at the cutting edge of the growth of digital printing in packaging, all types of packaging from carton to labels; flexible to corrugated. Having worked on the creative and delivery roll out of the hugely successful ShareaCoke online campaign in 2014 and on Unilever’s first ever direct to consumer online campaign with personalised Marmite in 2015, my experience with bespoke packaging is second to none.

So what does this mean for Mystery’s clients, both past, current and future? Well, quite simply, the agency can now join the dots between design and production – to offer an end-to-end solution that previously didn’t exist.

This is a truly compelling offering promises to push Mystery into the top tier of design agencies, not only in the UK and Europe, but also in the USA, where we now have offices.

We are living at a time that will be studied by the academics of the future as the Digital Revolution, as transforming an era as the Industrial Revolution was over a century ago. Here at Mystery, we have just unlocked another accelerator to the future of beautifully designed and manufactured packaging.