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Welcome Alex Piercy to the Mystery team!

Welcome Alex Piercy to the Mystery team!

We’re very happy to welcome the multi-talented Alex Piercy to the Mystery team. Alex is an exceptional graphic designer, who had been working with Mystery on a freelance basis for some time. Finally, we managed to get him to “commit”, so we now have him all to ourselves!

Alex is working in the brand design team across all accounts. As well as a brilliant graphic designer, he is also a very talented photographer, with a designer's eye for detail.

Aside from design and photography, Alex is a keen footballer and Queens Park Rangers fan. He’s also an amateur craft beer brewer, city break traveller and London cyclist.

Born and raised in the West Country, he studied at Somerset College of Arts and Technology, before spending a year in the Netherlands working in communication design for Philips Electronics, while soaking up the Dutch lifestyle and culture.

In late 2009 Alex moved back to the UK and has since worked for various creative agencies, both permanently and as a freelancer before joining Mystery.

We’re very happy to have him on board and are anticipating great things!