This week, our super tasty client, GATO & Co launched in Selfridges to sweet success! The dairy free and gluten free brand of delectable desserts contains no refined sugar or unhealthy fats and is starting a pudding revolution.  And we are very proud to be part of it! 

GATO & Co’s founder, Charlotte Dauzat, shares her thoughts on her brand’s initial success.

How has this week gone for GATO & Co?

We launched last Saturday (Jan 7th) in Selfridges, and seeing the products on the shelves was such a magic moment! We sampled in store that day and the overall feedback was very enthusiastic. In only 4 hours flew off the shelves and out the door and we sold out! We even received an email from the customer who bought the very last unit of GATO saying he was desperate to get more! That meant so much to us.

So have you been in production overdrive?

Yes! On Monday we had to improvise a production session again so that GATOs can get quickly back on the shelves, and so we can have enough samples for the sampling sessions in store this week.  I can’t feel my arms any more and my body aches all over, but that’s a nice problem to have!

What has been GATO’s best achievement to date? 

Until now, we had only been selling in food festivals, fairs or markets, so getting Selfridges as our first fixed client is simply amazing for us. We are now amongst all those products and brands we adore and have always looked at with envy! It’s a real achievement for us: Our ‘baby’ aubergine & chocolate pudding has grown up!

What’s in store for 2017?

2017 will be the year of the pudding revolution!! We have big plans up our sleeves, but we can’t announce them yet as they’re top secret! We will be exhibiting at IFE in March 2017, with loads of delicious free pudding samples on offer.

What has been key to attract the attention of retailers?

You need to have a great product, but also good branding and packaging. Both are absolutely key, and they need to go together.

You see many products today that either have a good product, but a poor branding, or a good branding with a terrible-tasting product and it just doesn’t work in the long term. Once we knew we had a killer product, we worked on branding and packaging and working with Mystery has been the best decision we could have made in that respect.

Together we’ve created a visual universe for GATO, combined with packaging design that truly stands out on a shelf.